Monday, 28 November 2011

# Save The Name #


Biography Of This Macho Guy      

Name: Fairullah .... (I do not know the name of his father,hahahha)
Nick Name: Just call him ---> Adeq ..
School: SMK Sg Damit, Tamparuli  .. (Not in the wild state)
Hobbies: Playing futsal with his closest friends ..
Places of the main target of futsal : Tamparuli Futsal Center ..(if you go there every Saturday, you will see him ) ..

    * Okay, so far only these that i can tell u guys about him . *
    * Nite n Have a nice day tomorrow *

Saturday, 26 November 2011

# Family #

family? ? Haha, funny quotes about the article is. Rarely, families can also make you get the pressure stress. Just like me(Sometimes it) ... first of all, my brothers! ishhh, wide-open right!hate to know ... but funny also state that siblings quarrel among themselves. hmm, brother is also said to be ~ anyway I want totell you all that ---> "I love all the family!"

* And the last oneI LOVE MY ELDEST BROTHER ..( the eldest One babe ) ..

# Friends #

Not everyone can be good news to us when we feel sad or disappointed. for example,  friend? friends?! 
Hmmmm, even if be heard if we speak with them. but I think there are some such attitude. so, we should appreciate the friend or member2 are willing to tell the problem to us rather than vice versa. a friend of mutual help to each other is good for improving the tenuous bonds of real friendship. hehe.

"Good friends will not let us do things that are not obscene to us "

Friday, 25 November 2011

# Cody Simpson #

# Ayan #

this is Ayan ( Ms Pantat ) ..haha ...sowt'sowt .good in figthing2 ne .jn kamuu !
kicik'kicik dea , kuat jua ..wkakkaka ..banar kn yann ? ::)nway, cyok jua la friends sma dea ne .ko ckp ja sal ngumpt2 ne,dea 6br ONE ~ *** well u know dayan maa .

#T he 3 Of Us #

haaaaaaaa ! we are besties 4ever babe ~
yg hujung plh kiri is Sha2 ( anastasha ) ,fey2 ( madeline ) , dy ( cindy ) n the last one carol ( carolline ) .
full name la .hehe, school holiday ne syak la  we 4 xdpt 2gether gether..wkakka ! 
one more thing we are from Cheerleaders Team ( Blue team actually except cindy ) ..hehe ~

... My Mummy ..

haha ..jarang bah kn bt blog wif ur mummy ..tapy xpa, sa kc brek records sakijapp ! ..

tyme sa bt ne blog kn, blerrr ne japp ..balik'balik sa view kwn sa nya blogg .( ayan yann ehh :: iqmal punya bini ) ,
jn maraa arh yann just joking'joking ..Hahahha ;D
Tapy hours after hours , kira 50-50 la blog sa siap ..cikit syak la bkn bnyk .nnt sa pndai jua tuh kc update ##
ok la, cne syak la sa post lu mo tgk tv luk .wkwkkw !